Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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Singapore - Geylang

The best of the 5 places I went, except for two things: The girls are controlled by their pimps, and are from other countries. It is difficult to have an association with them, like a girlfriend. As a Singaporean Chinese himself said to me, "The problem is, they are all controlled by their pimps. . . and escorts by phone are too expensive." But there are a lot of them in Geylang, and they are from all over.

I found nothing in the Desker Road area. Maybe the police shut that one down . . .

girls: 10

encounters: 14 (1 ladyboy imposter)

Hong Kong

Portland Street is a waste of time.

I found one nice THAI girl there (Kowloon area). I did not go to Wan Chai - heard it was full of scams, and was told it has mostly Philipino and Thai girls!

girls: 1

encounters: 1


There are 2 things you need in Japan:

1. to speak Japanese.

2. to know a Japanese friend who can open doors for you.

If you are looking for those cute little schoolgirls you see in Japanese porno, FORGET IT. You won't find it anywhere.

Japan, like the US and the UK, is a major producer of pornography -- to the exclusion of anything else you might need. All hotels have pay-per-view masturbation enhancement videos for all the time you will be spending ALONE. [ I didn't give them a single Yen for that. ] So go to Japan and have a date with yourself ! Or stay at home in the US or the UK and go to the same rip-off strip clubs you're used to. They're just as bad or worse in Japan !

girls: 0


The 2nd best place I went. BEAUTIFUL girls. Very corrupt police. Various extortion scams and the police constantly terrorize the bars there. If they don't know you, most of the girls will only be available AFTER WORK. This could mean 4 AM! I was lucky with one girl who got off at 11 PM.

I believe the place is filled with Christian extremist crackpots, mostly from North America. One man threatened me with, so to speak, a Bible in one hand and in the other: "I am well connected to the police. I could have you thrown into jail. Do do want to be ass-fucked? " - his actual words! A real Christian extremist JERK. Not even in the US could I find such a man, and there he was in the Philippines!

girls: 2

encounters: 7


Talk about a bark being bigger than a bite!

I found the girls here really nasty. It's like, "I can take you or leave you. Hollywood is filming something here next week. I met Nicholas Cage."

I got to know very well 2 places - Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza. I had 3 girls. One was lousy, like she didn't know anything (was she a virgin?) Another one was the worst kind of spoiled, self-centered bitch - I had her just for the experience and she was a LOUSY sex-girl. Yuck! Pretty to look at, but lousy to be with. The last one I had kept me company for about 10 days. I payed her well and (as always) treated her well, but even her - and she wasn't super pretty - had this kind of bitchy attitude that I had to put up with constantly. A real rock in my shoe.

I didn't make it to Pattaya, but after Bangkok, I had no desire to stay in Thailand for anything.

girls: 3

encounters: 6



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